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April 1, 2012


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   Ok Im going to try my best to do a good explination of this, last night I went with Michaela to see the play Wicked at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Hands down it was one of the top plays Ive seen it might have even been better then Phantom and Le Mes which are my two favorite plays. If you havent heard about the play its pretty much the complete version of the Wizard of Oz from a different point of view. And believe me you will be suprised when everything comes together. The play is funny as well as having a really good story and just incredible singing and music.  Its really hard to explain it because its just something you have to see if you havent seen it yet and get a chance go I promise you wont regret it even if you dont like musicals you will like this one its not boring there is plenty of humor.  Galinda who is one of the main characters just adds like this comedy to the whole play and thats Galinda with a Ga haha if you see the play you will get that.


June 14, 2007


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Well School ended last week and I was so pumped about that cause Ive had enough of school for the year. I did better then I thought I would I got two B-‘s and a C so I mean not as good as I wanted but not to bad.  Also I made it through the circus this past week which is amazing Im glad thats over.

So this week has basically been devoted to working and coaching Ive worked alot this week which is good cause I need the money. I went to a dodger game on Monday night with my boys at least the ones who had sold enough circus tickets which was only 3 haha yeah I know thats pretty bad.  At the game I had time to think about some things and just tried to relax a little and was kind of suprised by some things. I know that makes absolutely no sense haha but it makes sense to me and thats all that matters sorry guys.

Also this week we played a volleyball match RHLA vs Varsity Girls and yeah Im ashamed to say we got worked pretty bad. But to our credit we didnt have our normal players there and we had some people who couldnt really play all that well so I want a rematch at least haha.

June 7, 2007

Its been a while

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I know I haven’t posted anything new in a long time on this blog so I guess I decided that it was time for an update. Well Im finishing up the last week of school for this year, it has been a really long year and Im so ready for summer. I only have to turn in one more paper by friday and then Im finally done and wont have to worry about school til the end of September which is really nice.

On a side note the Kare Youth League circus is this weekend and I can’t say that Im really looking forward to it haha its gonna be alot of work thats for sure but at least Im not doing trash again, even though I got in the paper last year haha.  Im working on something called the Football Frenzy with Lauren and Mr Shintaku I have no idea exactly what it is haha my job has switch 3 times now so who knows if thats for sure what Im doing.

On a more personal side note I have fallen in love!!! With a song, haha well the band is called Dear(your name here). Yeah I know its kind of a weird name but its basically all accustic and I really love the song “Please find me in your dreams” its a great song and I feel like its kind of my theme song haha. It helps me feel a little better since I have been going through a rough time with this part of my life.

Alright well that has pretty much caught people up who ever reads this haha I doubt many people do but any ways for those that do Im gonna try to start writing again hopefully.

September 24, 2006


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So I finaly started school on Friday and its official I dont like any of my classes haha. Well I already know that Im gonna  get worked this quarter and Im going to be writing alot of research papers man thats gonna be fun.  Well I guess I can look on the bright side quarters arent that long so I wont have to put up with if for that long really.  Im taking 3 classes this quarter a History of Methods class which is basically all about how you write a research paper and all the little boring stuff that goes along with it. Then I have my Socialogy class about Social Problems and this looks like my easiest class and it actually doesnt seem that bad so maybe I will like that class. But the one class I already dont like is my Confrontations with the Reaper class yeah I know its a weird class, dont even get me started on the teacher he looks like he works in a mortuary.  But yeah all Im hoping is that I just do well in each class and get it over with Im getting tired of school and Im ready to get out.

On a side note these past couple weeks have been kind of crazy last night I pulled another all nighter doing Jersies for the second week in a row so yeah Im a little out of it right now. Football season is in full swing at Kare and I have my first game tonight its been a while since I was a coach so this should be interesting hopefully we can pull off the win and Im pretty confident we will. I also learned these past couple weeks that yeah sometimes we have to take risks in order to gain something and I had to take a risk this week and I put myself out there but I gained a really cool friend that I would have never had if I didnt take a risk and I look back and it was totally worth it and I wish I would have done it sooner.

September 5, 2006


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Well this past weekend was our RHLA camp and we went down to San Diego like we do most years. Camp didnt get off to a good start on the way down there Gabes car lost its brakes so he had to call his dad and he came out and switched cars. So durring that time every one else was just chilling at the Hilton watching the USC game in the bar on nice couches haha. But any way we found out that we had two seperate Hotels and that all the girls and one room of guys would be staying in the Hilton and the other guys would stay at the Ramada. Well we figured thats cool cause the Hilton was supper nice so the Ramada cant be to bad cause we paid the same price. Well we were way off haha the Ramada was in down town San Diego and my bed room was bigger then the rooms we had and we had only one bed for 4 guys. And on top of that they had a valet parking cause there was no parking so when you came in they would take your car and park it 6 blocks away so once you gave them your car they didnt really want you leaving any time soon. But the cool part was we were right in the heart of downtown so we could just walk to everything and the other group would usually come over at night and we would go out on the town. But any way so yesterday was our big activity day we were supposed to do Jet Skiing, wake boarding and sailing all in one day.  First we did Jet Skiing and for me I could care less about all the problems with the hotel and camp cause that was the most fun I have had in a long time and it was the hardest I have ever laughed. I was with Gabe and AJ and all three of us were on this jet ski and we were flying and it was so cool because you could make a sharp turn and the people sitting in the back would just get ejected haha. This one time we were going 30+ mph and Gabe took the sharp turn and AJ and I went flying still going the same speed it sounds scary but since there is water every where it doesnt hurt. Later on we ran into stacy’s group and Gabe wanted to go with them to try and throw the girls off cause he was good at it. So we took my brother kurt and AJ was driving and it was the weirdest thing I dont know how he did it but we were cruising and he made the jet ski like woble or something and right when it started to do that I knew we were gonna end up in the water any minute and sure enough all three of us went flying and the jet ski went shooting off about 40 feet away and we were like great now we have to swim after it haha. But yeah that was awesome and for me it erased all the bad things about the camp up to that point. Next we went out to do wake boarding but it was really chopy and windy so no one was able to stand up I really wanted to try it and I actually got my foot in the boot but it was so tight and I was in so much pain I couldnt do it my toe still wasnt fully healed so I wasnt able to try. After that we were supposed to go sailing but every one was tired and it was already past the time we were supposed to head home so we all decided to just go home and so we left. All in all it was a good camp I mean it had its ups and downs like most camps but the good out weighed the bad by alot.

August 28, 2006

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Concert

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Well last night I went to a RJA concert with my brother and Michaela and they were awesome. They played at a place in Pomona called the Glass House. And if any of you have never heard of this band you should really check them out cause they are really awesome. And people were going crazy at the concert crowd surfing mosh pit everything was going on when they played. After the concert we hit up In n Out on the way back home and Kurt was talking about how that night Mars was supposed to be the closest to earth ever and so we wanted to see it so we tried to drive up in the hills so we could get high enough to see the planet but we couldnt see anything so we finally gave up.

On a side note I found out what is wrong with my toe that a hurt this last week while skim boarding. I went on Friday and got it X-rayed and the final verdict is I fractured my toe yeah I know that sucks. The worst part is they cant do anything about it so all i cant do is wait and let it heal itself and hopefully it doesnt take for ever. Ive been taping it to my other toe and that gives me enough support so that Im not constantly limping and looking like a retard but yeah I dont know how long its going to take. Its kind of Ironic I hurt my toe because my ear was mest up, cause I would have gone in the water if I could instead the only thing I could do with out getting to wet was skim boarding. Well never mind I probably would have still gotten hurt cause skim boarding is fun and I plan on doing it again once I can.

August 23, 2006

Good and Bad Week

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Ok well Im gonna try and explain what happened this last week cause yeah it was a really bad week but also a really good week. Well ill start about last Saturday when we went to the beach I got water stuck in my ear and I wasnt able to get it out so before the weekend was over I had developed and really bad ear infection. Yeah it hurt really bad and it got so swollen that my ear closed shut. Well I went to the doctor and of course I was right it was swimmers ear and so he gave me medicine and I started taking that. Through out most of last week I was only able to get like 3 hours sleep each night because of the ear inffection. Well the good news is its almost gone and my hearing is starting to come back trust me its really weird when you cant hear it throws everything off. Well I tried going to be beach again on saturday but wasnt really able to do much in the water but we did play volleyball and that was fun and just chillin with every one was fun. On sunday we went out to my brothers house to visit my nephew Jaxson dude that kid is so cool. I got to hold him for the first time and yeah I know Im a guy but did that kid was so cute its not even funny. When I held him he just looked up at me and stared at me and then started making faces there was even a smile but I dont think they know what a smile means when they are that young haha. He then sneezed while I was holding him and it was hard not to laugh cause he was so cool and so small. And then he got the hicups and I was trying to help him out but wasnt doing such a good job, he would cry then hicup then give one cry then hicup haha even though he was upset it was still funny so I gave him to his mom so she could help him out.  Oh yeah and I forgot the mention the funniest part of the whole day when we first got there Jaxson was upset cause his stomach hurt so Josh took him to try and burp him and so he put him on his shoulder and started to pat his back well Jaxson would make noises while he was patting him on the back. Well any way all the sudden Josh stoped and asked Jaxson are you ok now and Jaxson was just making a noise but it sounded like ya haha it was so funny every one was laughing. I cant wait to go back and see him again he was so cool!!

Well now I have to bring in some bad news today I went to the beach and I was trying out this thing called a skim board its a small wooden board that you throw while the water is going out to the ocean and you jump on it and surf in like inches of water its really cool and fun. But any way after I had done it several times and it was towards the end of the day I went this one time and I cant explain what happened but I ended up rolling on my ankle and some how I dont know which way it went but I crushed my pinkie toe. It felt kind of weird like something wasnt right when I got up yeah it hurt but soon the pain goes away and yeah I could feel something was wrong. So I came home and iced it and decided to try and go work out so I went and worked out and had my tennis shoes on well it didnt feel any better. After I worked out I the freshmen were playing volleyball and yeah I know I love volleyball so of course I wanted to play even though I wasnt 100% so I played and yeah had fun and everything. Then when I got home I took my shoe off and found a suprise, my toe was not only swollen but almost completly purple. Right now my first guess would be that its dislocated or its broken or something got torn either way I have to go take another visit to the doctors office tomorrow and Im sure he is going to be happy to see me.  So yeah that has been my good and bad week good emotionally bad physically haha.

August 14, 2006


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Man this weekend has been none stop for me actually this whole last week I have been busy almost every day which is a good thing since I have alot of time to kill before school starts. But any way we went to the beach again on Saturday this time the waves were a little better then earlier in the week but still kind of pathetic for Huntington. My sun screen didnt really work I think because I kept going back in the water and it would just wash off cause I got burnt pretty bad. After the beach a couple of us decided to go watch the movie the Pulse it had a lot of scary parts in it even though the story line was really kind of weak. Then today I was telling myself that I was just gonna rest all day and chill but yeah that wasnt the case I got a call from Matt saying he had an extra Dodger ticket and asked if I wanted to go and I said of course. Well the game was really close and it went into extra innings until the 10th when Russell Martin hit a home run to end the game and that was just awesome the place erupted. The last dodger game I went to was also a last inning come from behind win last year when they were playing the mets and Pedro was pitching. So yeah I have had a really busy week and weekend and Im starting over tomorrow haha man I dont know if Im gonna last til late september.

“And how could we quit something we never even tried, well you still cant tell me why? We built it up, to watch it fall like we meant nothing at all. I gave and gave the best of me, but couldnt give you what you need. You walked away and sold my life just to find what your looking for and no matter how hard I try I cant hate you any more.”

August 11, 2006


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Well yesterday was cool we finally went to the beach after several days of saying we would go but things fell through. We went to Huntington beach again but the waves were horrible again man its been a while since Ive seen it this bad. But we had fun any ways just dorking around in the water. We tried one of those human towers with me on the bottom Gabe on top of me and Stacy on top of him haha yeah that didnt really work. If we werent in the water we were working on our tans on the beach it wasnt that hot but the sun was out so it was really nice, none of us wanted to leave anytime soon haha. We finally left at like 7 stopped by subway got some dinner and then left. All in all it was cool even though the waves were bad we still managed to have fun some how haha.

August 8, 2006

Cat and Mouse

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“Softly we tremble tonight picture perfect fading smiles are all thats left in site, I said I’d never leave you’ll never change I’m not satisfied with where I’m at in life.

Am I supposed to be happy? When all I ever wanted, it comes with a price. Am I supposed to be happy? When all I ever wanted, it comes with a price. You said, you said that you would die for me.

We mad plans to grow old, believe me there was truth in all those stories that I told. Lost in a simple game cat and mouse are we the same people as before this came to light.

Am I supposed to be happy? When all I ever wanted, it comes with a price. Am I supposed to be happy? With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price. You said, you said that you would die for me….

You must live for me too…. For me too….yeah, yeah…..You said that you would die for me…

Am I supposed to be happy? when all I ever wanted, it comes with a price. Am I supposed to be happy? When all I ever wanted, it comes with a price. You said, you said that you would die for me….”

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus–“Cat and Mouse”

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